It all started with my mother in law

I think it all started with my mother in law.

In the eyes of my mother in law

My lovely mother-in-law is a magician. She made unique, personalised hand-made cards.

She designs each individual card with the help of some computer software.

For each card, she spends lots of time designing, with fine details and a great sense of humour.

Each card is created with love.

Mum even patiently showed me how to use the software once. ‘It’s EASY, darling.’ Basically, you move image here and there, cut it here and there, drop it here and there, and don’t forget this and that. And remember to SAVE it.

I told my husband I wanted to create beautifully designed cards like mum did.

Hugh (ajudycard)

One Christmas, Hugh bought me an expensive software, much better and more powerful than the one that mum used. It came with a huge pack — photo editing, web design and graphic design software.

Oddly, personalised digital cards didn’t just pop out of my computer. I asked for help, and the man said, ‘you need to try it yourself. Try to explore it yourself. I can’t help you.’

Ben (ajudycard)

Over the years, mum continues to send us lovely hand-made cards. My software was bought, installed, then forgotten. My PC has since died. No traces of the software was left.

Last week, I bought 25 packs of stamps before the price rises. I’d challenge myself to send more cards this year, like what my mother-in-law has been doing over the years, with love, effort, and a great sense of humour.

Have you ever received a hand-made (or non hand-made) birthday card (or ANY card) from your mother in law? Do you speak to your mother-in-law?

(Images: ajudycard)

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11 thoughts on “It all started with my mother in law

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  7. timethief

    I’m an artist. I have alwyas been drawn to papercraft, calligraphy and watercolor painting. I love making my greeting cards for those who are close to me. I have received a few homemade cards from adults in return that I cherish, but the ones I like the most of all are the ones kids have made for me.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thank you timethief. I love papercraft too and I adore hand-made gifts. I love sharing my craft with friends and those close to me too. Crafting is very therapeutic and I love escaping to this creative world when blogging gets tough!


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