One way to make your child more popular

Last month, I asked my son to make me a Mother’s Day card.

“Do I have to?” “Yes, Darling!”

He chose Tangerine Tango as his main colour.

I was excited. Tangerine Tango is the Pantone 2012 Colour of the Year. I love this vibrant, energetic orange.

He drew an unknown creature inside. But why does this scary looking creature have to do with me?

“Don’t know. I just feel like it!’

Last Christmas, Ben also made all his Christmas cards to his friends and teachers. At first, he only made 6 cards, and when his cards became so popular as he put initials on all his cards, he came home and made more personalised cards.

“Mum, my friends really love my cards. My cards are the best! ” I heard some girls really screamed at getting his cards.

Perhaps a hand-made card is a sure way to make a shy boy popular?

Do your kids make hand-made cards with you?

5 thoughts on “One way to make your child more popular

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    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thank you. Now he’s a near teenager, and he’s doing many of his own things now. Imagine there was a time when we could still hold our children’s hands and did crafty thing together, and where has the time gone?

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