The enchanting Moon Fairy

Moon Fairy inspired by the Butterfly Lovers Concerto. Image from Flickr by recombiner

Yesterday I wrote about the Butterfly Lovers.

My friend Bob left a message with a fascinating story about the Moon Fairy, inspired by the same story.

This image of the Moon Fairy was Bob’s wonderful creation. Just in case you missed Bob’s message yesterday, here it is:

“I became familiar with the “Chinese violin concerto” based on this story about 40 years ago, since when I have listened to it countless times.”“As sentimental as it is, and as Westernised as it is in musical terms, I still find it very beautiful. When in Beijing in 2002 it was being played in a fancy restaurant they took us to.”

Side view of an erhu, a common huqin

Side view of an erhu, a common huqin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Later, in a celebrated park, I was able to persuade an elderly man to play it for me on his instrument, a simple stringed instrument with a small sound chamber at the bottom. While he played it, a beautiful student whose name translated as Moon Fairy performed an impromptu dance in the park, though ill with a bad cold. It was one of the loveliest moments of my whole life. I recently published a picture on Flikr called Moon Fairy in her honour. Long live the Butterfly Lovers Concerto!”

What a beautiful story! Thank you Bob.

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