Cards that reveal the naked truth

The cards my mother in law sent me always reflect the passing of time.

When I was still in my thirties, with youthful energy and a rather desirable body shape, my mother in law thought I was Kate Middleton. She made me this adorable card:

My mother in law is the only human being in the world who still remembers our wedding anniversary.

Sometimes we don’t even remember it ourselves, but mother in law never forgets. Look at this:

Anniversary — how time has passed!

On our 10th anniversary, she sent us this card — a Tin anniversary. I noticed then the shape of my legs has changed. I was no longer Kate Middleton.

Now we’re officially middle-aged!

Early this year, mum sent another brutal one.

In 2012, we’ve officially turned middle aged in mum’s eyes.

(Images: ajudycard)

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2 thoughts on “Cards that reveal the naked truth

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