Queen Mother: A visit to Hampshire nearly escaped history

Queen Mother’s last minute visit to Hinton Ampner, 1972

38 years after the Queen Mother’s surprised visit to Hinton Ampner in June, 1972, there was a confirmation from Windsor Castle of her handwriting.

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The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a letter from Jill Kelsey, Deputy Registrar, to Hinton Ampner, on 16 August 2010.

“Thank you for your letter of 22 July and for sending the copies of the pages of the letter.

From the handwriting and the cypher I can confirm that the letter is from Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother but, unfortunately, I can find no record of the visit in any of the papers here, so I cannot give you a precise date for it. It is clear from Her Majesty’s letter that the visit was a last minute one, but I am still surprised that I can find no reference to it at all in our papers but at least I can confirm the writer.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Jill Kelsey,

Deputy Registrar”

I’m not sure why I was so intrigued, or even touched, by the Queen Mother’s visit. It was probably because of seeing her casual handwriting, imagining her joy of her surprised visit to Hampshire and also capturing her sense of humour in her letter.

Her visit would have escaped recorded history had she not written this pleasant, personable letter of thanks.

My son Ben: We visited Hinton Ampner: ‘sudden exquisite views’ in spring 2012

Credits: Some images from Shileyao

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