Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This is the first time I take up the challenge of  Weekly Photo Challenge, though the photo was not taken by me. However, there is a story behind it.

Together — photo of the week. Image by Shileyao

My friend shileyao took this lovely photo of us when her family stayed with us in spring holiday.

It was taken on a beautiful spring day on April 11, at Lepe beach, Hampshire, before it rained in a typical English way.

The following day, Ben had a medical appointment in the Long-term Follow-up Clinic at Piam Brown ward, the Regional Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Unit for Wessex, based on the top floor of Southampton general Hospital.

Ben had another clean bill of health in this visit. It’s been his 9th year from the end of his treatment for Langerhans’ Cells Histiocytosis (LCH).

Ben’s oncologist wrote us a letter recently, ‘LCH can have long periods of remission and could relapse after many years of treatment. However the chances of a relapse over 10 years from treatment is quite rare.’

This photo at Lepe would remind me of this happy news.

Piam Brown ward, Southampton General Hospital

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