Rat, I caught you!

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In my last post, I wrote about Billy the cat, and a mysterious murder in our garden.

Before we adopted Billy the cat last October, we had had a problem with rats. Not a small problem.

I carefully watched their whereabouts over weeks, recorded their activities, studied the rats’ psychology, and I trapped them. I lured them with some chicken food.

One morning, I caught this picture:

Rat in the garden

Rat in the garden

The Evidence! Rats were taking advantages of our 3 hens. Rats were stealing our hens’ food everyday.

I called in a Rat Terminator.

I phoned the local council, and the council sent a Pest Control man round. I paid £30 for his 2 visits.

The Terminator came and investigated the house thoroughly. He checked all holes and cracks in the garden, and inspected our garage and loft.

He opened the manhole cover, and jumped into the manhole to inspect the drains. 

I was speechless! That was bravery! What a real man!

Rat Terminator jumped in to find Rats.

Rat Terminator jumped in to find Rats.

The Terminator placed some poisons down, in and around the house.

Then we adopted Billy the cat. We thought a cat might scare the rats too.

To Billy’s credit, since his arrival, there was no rat to be seen in the garden. No one was stealing the hen’s food.

Perhaps the poison indeed worked, or that all possible holes were sealed.

Or that the rats could really smell Billy the wild cat.

Have you seen Billy the wild cat near Asda?

Billy came; Billy left. One chicken dead. Why?

Have you seen our cat Billy near Asda?

Who killed Shadow, our gorgeous egg-laying hen?

Once upon a time, there were 3 of us. Who killed Shadow?

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9 thoughts on “Rat, I caught you!

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  4. Ben Williams

    This is Sherlock Holmes speaking from 221b Baker Street (Yes, I don’t know HOW I found this computer).
    I have gathered several suspects. Billy the cat, a fox by the name of Mr. Fox (famous by robbing farmers chickens), and the fellow chickens Fireball and Talon. The explanation for the last two suspects might be the fact that said chickens had been bullying the victim of the crime. Mr. Fox might have then been able to pick off the victim as she could have been left out in the cold.

    On the behalf of Sherlock Holmes
    221B Baker street

  5. Madhu

    Cool pictures and fun narrative 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought to photograph the rodent! I would have been screaming my lungs out!

  6. Janet Williams

    Thanks Madhu for your message.

    The rat was obese, really. It had been stealing my hens’ food for far too long.

    I had been waiting for that moment for such a long time. They were swift. Every time I tried to capture them on camera, I missed them.

    The photo was taken when I was having breakfast indoor, and it was also enjoying its breakfast in the garden.

    Thanks God, the rats have now all disappeared.

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    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thank you for asking. I think you may also agree that David Tennant is a superb Doctor. Stephen Fry is just brilliant. I think I also like Colin Firth quite a bit.


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