A missing cat and a murder enquiry

Have you seen Billy?

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This is a story about a missing cat, and a murder enquiry.

Last October, we rescued Billy from an old lady in our little town. Billy used to be living in the wild, as we were told, especially around Asda. Billy was a bit rough, we were warned.

When Billy first arrived with Helen, the lady who took him in, he quickly sought refuge under our kitchen cabinet. Here he was — looking a bit sad.

Billy was adorable. After 3 weeks’  domestication, we let Billy out briefly. Billy didn’t like our 3 chickens in the back garden. You could tell from the noises he made.

A few days later, Billy went out exploring again, but this time he disappeared. We knocked on every door, shouting “Billy, Billy ” into darkness, finally Billy came back on a rainy day a week later.

Trusting Billy, we let Billy out again, giving him a bit more freedom.

One morning, one of the chickens was found dead.

Who was the murderer of Shodow (the chicken on the left)?

Two days after the murder, Billy disappeared. Billy never comes back.

Who could have killed our lovely chicken? My son called her Shadow.

Judging by Billy’s characters, some people think it could have been Billy.

I had never thought a cat was capable of killing a large chicken. I am still doubtful.

Now, Shadow was dead. Billy disappeared. I’m left with no answer.

Do you think it was purely coincidence that Shadow was killed when Billy was around?

Have you seen Billy around Asda near you?

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22 thoughts on “A missing cat and a murder enquiry

  1. rhmay

    As one of the first investigators on this case I have to question your uncritical description of the cat Billy. He seemed to me like damaged goods – suspicious, fearful, unconfident, untrusting, unaffectionate, like so many damaged human beings. Although no evidence could be found leading to Billy’s whereabouts, I remain confident that he has survived, probably to murder several more chickens and other birds.
    DCI Bob May (Divisional Cat Inspector)

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      A damaged cat! To be fair to this possible murderer, Billy did show some affection with us, and he showed us some tender look, but he was simply not to be tamed.

      The problem was, Ben chose Billy. We visited Helen’s little rescue ‘centre’ at her back garden, of 10 cats that he saw, Ben wanted Billy. He fell in love with Billy. So we had Billy despite Billy’s long history with Asda. We bought Billy a cushion, toy, rug, expensive tinned food of exotic flavours, a scratching post etc to welcome him, and we also got him vaccinated and he had a chip put in……

      Then we had a DEAD chicken.

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  5. Jennifer Avventura

    OH what a lovely kitty and great photo! He looks so relaxed, yet pensive. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your kind words are appreciated! Here’s hoping the sun is shining in your neck of the woods! 🙂

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