In praise of my neighbours in an English suburb

With my neighbour’s help

I am very fortunate to have wonderful neighbours in a typical English suburb.

Our doorbell came off a few weeks ago. It was laid on the floor by the entrance. My opposite neighbour said, “It’s easy! I’ll fix it for you.”

Mark came over with a compact tool box. He took out a drill, and in less than 5 minutes, the doorbell was back onto the wall again.

Mark also went upstairs to fix Ben’s bed. A few pieces of wood had come off. To Mark, it was easy. “I’ve got all the tools. Don’t worry.”

A fence for chicken — by neighbour Mark

As our 3 hens (now 2 left) were running wildly in the garden, causing damage to the grass, last year, Mark also helped us built this fence to keep the hens confined to part of the garden.

However, the hens still longed for freedom. Look at her:

Hen: I can fly

This time, we need Nigel, another neighbour. Nigel came over one day, holding the hen tenderly, for Hugh to clip their wings.

Nigel and May practically designed our garden. Nigel and May are  keen gardeners. When we first moved in 11 years ago, the garden was a total mess with weeds.

They gave us useful advice over the years, and more importantly, they took over our front and back gardens, as if ours are an extension to their gardens.

We don’t mind.

Lovely front garden designed by neighbours — May and Nigel

Mark loves neat gardens. The council is responsible for cutting part of the front garden. However, Mark never like to wait for their irregular service. He would mow the lawn himself. Then, he would cross the road, and mow our lawn.

Another neighbour, Martin, is a carpenter. And this was our garden fence.

What an eyesore!

That was the most unsightly scene in the neighbourhood.

Martin changed all that early this year.

You see, Martin used properly treated wood. He cut out the wood piece by piece in the cold weather.

This fence has now added glory to the neighbourhood!

New Fence — by neighbour Martin

Aren’t my neighbours amazing?

Do you also have good neighbours? Please share your stories. 

7 thoughts on “In praise of my neighbours in an English suburb

  1. Colline

    What wonderful neighbours you have – you are surely blessed. They epitomise what being neighbourly and part of a community should be.

    1. Janet Williams

      Indeed, Colline. My neighbours are superb and it’s a lovely little close. I think we need to count our blessings!

      We do help out by looking after their pets when they go away (quite many pets though, from snake to lizard to cats!)

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      It’s lovely to have a best friend in your life. It’s even better if your best friend is your neighbour, as you can spend lots of time playing together.

      You are such a lucky boy!

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