An innocent scarecrow competition

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Last weekend, there was a Scarecrow Competition in our local parish church in Chandler’s Ford.

I was intrigued. I was determined to have a look after finishing my teaching in the morning.

Do scarecrows have to be made with straws? Are there any rules? I would be clueless with straws. In our house, straws are only used for our chicken run in the garden.

I’m not sure how popular scarecrow competition is in the western culture. It strikes me as something nostalgic, innocent, fun and silly. People like having fun, being creative, and showing a good sense of humour.

I like it.

5 thoughts on “An innocent scarecrow competition

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    我特地去参观了一下。看了那么多稻草人,感觉英国人真有童真,童心,会胡闹,爱搞笑,把喜欢 DIY 的精神发扬光大。


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