Today with Joy

I will be running a charity event on June 16 to raise money for Piam Brown Ward in Southampton General Hospital. Piam Brown Ward is the Regional Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Unit for Wessex, England.

See what I got TODAY — a huge box of Fortune Cookies from Mandarin Garden, our local Chinese take-away in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh.

Fortune Cookies donated by Mandarin Garden, Chandlers Ford, England.

Last week, I bought a box of Fortune Cookies at a great discount from Mandarin Garden. My friend Lili works there, and she helped me talking to her boss about my charity event. My son Ben blogged about it this morning.

This afternoon, I went back to Mandarin Garden again. I told the boss, Anita Lee, that I would love to buy another box, as I expect Fortune Cookies will sell very well at a school fayre.

Anita gave me this huge box of Fortune Cookies for FREE. I was speechless. I went home and  counted them happily. I easily lost count of them. There are about 300.

Mandarin Garden in Chandlers Ford

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