Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship via WordPress

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

My friend 十年人生  (10 Year) is very special, because we met through WordPress blogging.

Our WordPress friendship has developed into true friendship.

We started by admiring each other’s writings. Then we linked each other. Later we met in London.

We were invited for a lovely meal with her family. They prepared the most delicious Chinese Hot Pot, where you put an obscene amount of meats and Chinese cabbage in a boiling hot pot and eat until you’re stuffed.

Last year, both our families met at Kew Gardens again. Our husbands and kids all had a great time too. This WordPress friendship has flourished into a family one.

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10 Year and her daughter came to stay for a few days with us last October. we visited  Moors Valley Country Park, Winchester and Hillier Gardens.

Without WordPress, we would not have met. We’re in completely different fields: She is a scientist and I’m a language teacher. We came from different countries. She has two adorable girls who love fairies; I have a boy who loves monsters.

10 Year is called 10 Year because she is recovering from breast cancer, and she sets herself a 10-year goal. Her blog’s tagline is Just live to the fullest.

10 Year’s blog is genuine and full of fun. You can see how a professional, young mother of two survives in England with tears and laughter. For example, in 第五次路考, she just blogged about how she managed to fail her driving test for the 5th times in England because she somehow got her wheels onto the pavement at a roundabout. 

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship via WordPress

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I feel very lucky to have found a few genuine friends via blogging. We’re there to support each other, though we don’t meet very often in person.

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    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I do feel it amazing. WordPress has made genuine friendship possible. We may miss some old childhood friends, but WordPress gives me another circle of friends, who are equally precious and who relate to me more as we mov e forward in life.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I feel that with blogging, we can actually find true friends as we tend to gather around people with the personalities we like. I’m blessed as I’ve got a few lasting friends via WordPress.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Indeed. We are no longer confined by where we are and we could reach out and meet right-minded people. This is a privilege that our parents’ generation didn’t have.

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