Closeness: showing you care with cakes

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Last weekend, my son Ben and I braved ourselves on a windy Saturday and sold these cakes in a school fayre for charity.

It was a typical English spring weather on a summer day. We were wearing jackets still. Some nicely set up tents next to our stall were blown away. I spent the whole morning trying to rescue the cakes from flying off.

We raised £100 for Piam Brown Ward, of Southampton General Hospital. My son was treated in the cancer ward in 2001 as a baby and we were doing our best to raise fund.

It was hard work, but it was fun. It was worth it.

These cakes were all made by friends, and their children. Some friends were unable to bake, so they bought us some.

My friend Tim, an award-winning chef, made me 45 chocolate muffins.

My colleague Tracy made the most delicious cupcakes with lots of glitters on. She even paid for some beautiful boxes to put her gorgeous cupcakes in.

Michelle’s cakes were sold out in the staffroom well before they reached my stall. I didn’t even get the chance to buy one. One friend paid for the rent of my stall.

I’m blessed with friendship.

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19 thoughts on “Closeness: showing you care with cakes

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thanks. I think Ben is big enough to start reaching out for his community.

      It was not easy and it was a huge operation to get all these beautiful cakes on our stall. I enjoyed the challenge of getting many friends involved for good cause.

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