Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement in Winchester

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Two weeks ago, in Winchester, I captured the movement of Winchester high street, from the top of the hill.

I was at the top of The Westgate Museum in Winchester with my son Ben. The Westgate is one of the two surviving defensible gateways of the original five that stood along Winchester’s city walls.

I could see the stunning view of the city. Winchester was still donning the Union Jack flags and bunting, and everyone was seen wearing a jacket  on a British summer day.  The high street market was bursting with colour, joy and personality.

Winchester: view from the top of the Westgate Museum

After an enlightening tour of the tiny museum, we walked down the high street, and I couldn’t help but pause to observe the slow movement of a rather amusing Shake Away drink in action, and a rather bemused toddler.

Slow movement of a Shake Away drink

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