Tea for Teachers

I was given some exquisite Ahmad Tea last week, when I visited Ahmad Tea headquarters in Chandler’s Ford.

Tea makes excellent gifts.  It’s my son Ben’s final week at the primary school, and he will wave goodbye to his innocent years. He has many teachers and helpers to thank for.

I made these gorgeous teabag holders. In both pockets, Ben placed 2 packets of Ahmad Tea. He also wrote a simple Thank You note to each teacher and helper.

These gifts show Ben’s appreciation to many people who have helped him over the years, including his headteacher, many teachers, helpers, music teachers and a lollipop lady.

It’s important to teach children to show their appreciation. These beautiful hand-made gifts are unique and personal to reflect our gratitude.

Delicate tea; delicate gifts. I’m sure any recipient will cherish them.

23 thoughts on “Tea for Teachers

  1. Mary

    Great idea for gifts. I’m sure the teachers appreciate any gestures of support of the hardwork they put in. Glad your son was involved with it. He would have had fun doing it.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      It’s a gesture of thanks and teachers and support staff would appreciate personalised gifts like these. This year I got myself more organised and didn’t do the last minute rush for the gifts. In some countries, gift-giving from students have gone out of control. In this country, luckily the tradition of gift-giving is still comparatively precious and less commercialised.

  2. Yolanda D

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for following. Love your blog! I can see I will have to spend the weekend reading your old posts. Great encouragement idea in this one and that star in the earlier post is stellar.

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