What is this radiant triangular object in gold?

Today, I showed this image to 10 intelligent adults at work. The answer was an unanimous “Mmm, not quite sure…It’s a triangular shape…Mmm…”

What’s this?

Then I showed them this image, and the all went ‘AHHHHHH’!

Janet, Ben with Jonathan Eggett, London Olympic torch bearer.

Jonathan Eggett was the torch bearer on the Isle of Wight last weekend. He is the manager of Spirit Health Club in Eastleigh, of Holiday Inn.

Spirit Health Club is my favourite club and I’ve joined for many years. Jonathan and Geoff, both from this health club, were picked as torch bearers.

The Olympic torch looks absolutely stunning in gold. The radiant torch is smooth to touch. It’s 800g, but it somehow felt heavier. The design of 8,000 circles is aesthetically pleasing. The torch is made with special aluminium alloy developed for the aerospace and automotive industry.

I was not sure of the right way to hold an Olympic torch. Some people joked about me being a housewife holding a broom, or a witch with a broom.

The point was, I touched an Olympic torch.

Champion of Eastleigh! (Me) (http://benwilliamsworld.wordpress.com/)

11 thoughts on “What is this radiant triangular object in gold?

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      There are 8,000 Olympic torch bearers — there may be a chance you’ll meet one. If you speak to Jonathan nicely, he may let you touch the torch too. It’s still in the office and I know quite a few people have touched it. Good luck!

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