Two for Joy

Could you imagine yourself holding 2 OIympic torches?

Ben and I got this perfect chance today. We held the Olympic torches belonging to Jonathan Eggett and Geoff Mitchinson, 2 Olympic torch bearers in the southeast of England.

2 Olympic torches with Jonathan Eggett and Geoff Mitchinson

I know Jonathan and Geoff through Spirit Health Club in Eastleigh. It’s the best health club in the world: personal, friendly and calming. I go to the club 3-4 times a week, and it has become my extended family.

The burnished, gleaming torches are seductive. I felt compelled to caress the torches, like a man would to his chic Ferrari.

With 2 men, 2 torches

Ben with glorious torches

Exercise and Cake go hand-in-hand



The Spirit Health Club encourages sports and the spirit of fun, such as an indulgence in cakes. We exercise with a promise of  yummy cakes. Lots of them. It sounds logical, doesn’t it?

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