The day we battled strong wind

In June, I wrote about Closeness with Cakes regarding our first fund-raising event for a children oncology ward, Piam Brown Ward.

To be honest, fund-raising in a school fayre demanded hard work and the preparation consumed a lot of my time. It was hard keeping sane as the wind constantly tried to turn the cakes into dancing cakes.

However, it was important to contribute to the ward which once saved Ben’s life.  Ben’s now more aware of his medical history and is just mature enough to support the ward, in which he received supreme medical care, with the most dedicated and highly specialised team.

I later received this warm thank-you letter from Jane Buchanan, the charity fund manager.

“We value your support more than you’ll ever know.”

The letter ended with this paragraph:

“As always, everyone joins me in sending much love and our most sincere thanks. We value your support more than you will ever know.”

This personal, touching letter made the effort of taming the dancing cakes more worthwhile. Having straggly wind-tossed hair for a day was actually quite alright.

12 thoughts on “The day we battled strong wind

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thank you. Not easy, but it was full of fun with other happy people. That was the only day that didn’t rain in England in those few miserable weeks. Fighting wind took strength and a good sense of humour.

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