Blogger Power

Some have… Some have not.
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Today I discovered the power of blogging on WordPress.

After reading my blog posts, one renowned tea maker made a donation to Piam Brown Ward, a charity close to my heart.

On Tuesday, Ahmad Tea of London invited me for a visit to its headquarters, and gave me a generous cheque for Piam Brown Ward.

Janet’s Notebook has linked a global enterprise and an outstanding children oncology ward in Southampton General Hospital. I’m very honoured to have connected the two through blogging. I’m very touched by the generosity of Ahmad Tea of London. I thank WordPress for this wonderful platform.

What’s a blogger for? We make connection. We build bridges. We spread kindness. We act.

Piam Brown Ward is not the only hospital ward that Ahmad Tea supports. Other charity enterprises include an 800-person maternity hospital in Iran, a cancer hospital currently under construction in Sri Lanka, and a school and water project in Mali. The current emphasis is on a water project in Niger.

When did all these work start?

According to Alex Keown-Boyd, assistant General Manager of Ahmad Tea, the charity work started in the Ukraine when Dr Ebraham Afshar, director of Ahmad Tea, visited an orphanage and found shocking conditions. Amongst the first thing he noticed was that the children had to share one pair of shoes between three of them.

Improving young lives all over the world

Mr Afshar gradually helped build a chain of 60 orphanages in the Ukraine and Russia. Mr Afshar insisted that his business partners join Ahmad Tea in this endeavour.

Because orphans find it hard to find employment, self-reliance was emphasised, especially farming. Equipment like tractors and bee hives was provided. The orphans were expected to participate in helping raise funds for the orphanages. The orphanage system was later expanded to Sri Lanka.

Work in Mali and Sri Lanka

There are two Ahmad Tea Charity Directors in Russia, and Ahmad Tea was listed at one time as one of the largest charities in Russia.

What’s the biggest achievement of a blogger?

I don’t get fame. I don’t make a living out of my blog.

We make connection. We build bridges. We spread kindness. We act.

And amazing things happened.

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