Turning your blog posts into beautiful Word Clouds

In my last post, 5 Easy Steps to Create Stunning Word Clouds, I recommended using the web tool Tagxedo to create your stunning Word Cloud.

You can create a personalised stunning Word Cloud in just 5 minutes.

I hope you have some success with your creation. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not try it today?

Today I created 3 word clouds with 3  favourite WordPress blog posts.

1) The creative and warm-hearted Tilly Bud, creator of The Laughing Housewife. Blog Post: Let the Games Begin.

Tilly Bud’s The Laughing Housewife: Let the Games Begin

2) Fun Donah, creator of Sweetjellybean (She was Freshly Pressed last week!). Blog Post: DIY Monday: 5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header! Give it a go!

SweetJellyBean’s blog post

3) The amazingly talented artist Merge Leon, creator of London Drawings and other nosenses. Blog Post: Olympics Stratford Map.

Merge Leon: Olympics Stratford Map

2) I gave each post a different personality, using different Themes, Fonts, Orientation and Shape.

3) Success!

7 thoughts on “Turning your blog posts into beautiful Word Clouds

  1. Bri Spicer

    I knew how to make a word cloud out of one post, but I had no idea you could make them into shapes! I will definitely have to give this a whirl. It’s too much fun not to 🙂

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