I think I love ‘Twenty Twelve’

It must be love.

WordPress has just launched a new theme: Twenty Twelve, designed by Drew Strojny.

It’s clean. It’s stylish. It’s clutter-free. I just need something so refreshing to recharge, and to re-invent myself.

I changed my theme instantly.

I begged my husband to teach me some tricks about CSS. It’s his birthday tomorrow. “CSS? Do you, REALLY?” “No. Er. Yes. Yes. I WANT to learn it NOW!”

I managed to enlarge the font size and change the background colour. One step at a time.

He didn’t tell me off too much. I must say. Perhaps it’s love?

Learning a new skill makes me happy. Finding the right theme makes me happy.

21 thoughts on “I think I love ‘Twenty Twelve’

  1. AJ's Mom

    Hey Janet! I said the same thing about Twenty Twelve last night, when I read about it. And just like you, I instantly changed mine to it. Although I must say that as much as I love the font style on this one, I think the layout or setting did not work with the content of my blog so far. I had to let it go — but tried the font style in my latest post. I think it’s pretty neat and it certainly suits your blog best than mine last night. 🙂 And well done for learning CSS – I’ve not stepped on that territory yet. :-s

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      AJ’s mum — The 2012 theme has a lot of potential, so I decided to give it a go last night. Thank you for teaching me how to use pixir express. I have used the tool to create my header and buttons on my blog. Aren’t they lovely!? CSS — I’m not saying I’m learning the CODE at this stage. I’ve paid for an upgrade, so it makes sense that I at least make an effort to learn some CSS……just to make me feel better.

      1. AJ's Mom

        I definitely love your new header and the effects you’ve applied to it and yes those buttons are really cool, too! Well done! As for CSS, my friend has been telling me I should give it a go, since once you have access to your theme’s CSS layout, that’s it, you can basically make everything happen and design it to however you want. I just said that I’m not ready for it, yet. Plus I’m quite happy just tweaking my blog for now the way it is… html codes still make me dizzy, so I can only imagine what CSS would do to me! haha… Learning new things are challenging. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Red Slider

    Thanks, Janet. I get so many WP new theme announcements I just send them to trash without looking. But this one actually looks clean enough to be useful. Can you use CSS with regular WP accounts now? I though you had to buy it or have a dot.net something or….

  3. Janet Williams Post author

    Hi Red, have a look at this: http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/

    “Custom Design is a paid upgrade that costs $30.00 per blog, per year.”

    I went for an upgrade when I started this blog because I needed a bigger font size — as I’m very short-sighted. You could change fonts, colours and many other features, which I haven’t touched.

    I use different fonts on my blog — it’s the other reason why I bought an upgrade. I use Fertigo Pro for the title, Sorts Mills Goudy for Heading and Tinos for body text.

    I would love to explore the CSS more…..but I’m a non-technical person…….let’s see what will happen.

  4. Red Slider

    CSS is not too bad if you keep it simple – use it to create standard elements that you will be using over and over on your page(s). Using it for managing content is trickier and can get messy. Better to use <style="…"; to handle specifics for certain content. I learned all this from doing frannie's website which wound up being such a mess (especially x-platform issues which, using wordpress, shouldn't trouble you). CSS can really simplify things, once you get the hang of it.

  5. 勺子


  6. Sunshine

    Janet, I LOVE your new 2012 look and WOW, it sure is beautiful!
    If you ever find a place where we can grab more time in the day, please, please share! Haha…
    You did a great job with your header too…AJ’s mom is the best!
    Have a wonderful week…:)

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