Why are we all called Jade?

I wrote about my paternal grandmother recently.

I had never met my grandmother.  I was the No 9 child, the youngest. I didn’t get the luck to meet any of my grandparents. My grandmother’s name was Chinese Cabbage Lady – 白菜娘.

I learnt about a story about Jade – 玉.

Now I know why I was named Jade in Chinese. Now I know why all 5 sisters were named Jade. (Note: Our name formation: Surname + Jade + different character)

Here is her story in a picture.

My grandmother’s Jade Bangle found.


29 thoughts on “Why are we all called Jade?

  1. Cheryl

    Beautiful story, Janet. I was lucky and knew my grandmother very well, living with her for weeks at a stretch when I was a young girl. I do not carry her namesake, but I believe that her character traits are deeply enmeshed with who I am.

  2. Janet Williams Post author

    Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m the youngest of a huge family. Thought without grandparents, I was surrounded by endless aunties, uncles, siblings and distant family and many of them are still in China. My grandmother had bound feet (In Chinese, bound feet are glorified as “a 3 inch golden lotus”). Her bound feet made her life more fascinating to me.

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  15. Jenny Caitlin

    Hi Janet, Thank you for sharing about your life. I was browsing to find out what to do with my piece of pink knitting and found you and your stories. This one about the jade bangle is amazing. I have been feeling a bit disconnected from my ancestors recently A bit disconnected from my own sense of meaning. Less so now, thank you.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for stopping by here. You’ve such a fantastic website — those Bohemian florals are so unique and beautiful.

      The jade bangle is truly amazing. Actually, they also discovered my grandmother’s earrings too.

      I’m the youngest child in a big family, and I never met my grandparents.

      I wish you all the best, and hope that you find strength and hope everyday in your life. Your flowers are so beautiful, and I hope they will help healing and make everyday a precious day to enjoy.

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