The Most Illuminating Lantern from New Zealand

Daniela is the Lantern Keeper in New Zealand.

On her WordPress blog, Lantern Post, she explained why she called her blog the Lantern Post:

“…in a memory of a dreamy street lanterns I walked under in year 1980 and others, through cobbled streets of old Zagreb, reading poetry (V. Majer; ‘Plinska lanterna na Gricu’/ ‘Gas lantern on Gric’) and holding my heart just a tiny fraction above the abyss … on most days.” — by Daniela from Lantern Post

Generosity from New Zealand

On Aug 3, Daniela wrote an illuminating post, Some Helpful Books For Writers. It’s inspiring. One of the books Daniela recommended was The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Later Daniela received some books of Steven Pressfield as gifts. She gave them all away for FREE. I’m one of her lucky recipients. Daniela is in New Zealand. I’m in England. 

Two books by Steven Pressfield for me from Lantern Post

The two books I received today are Turning Pro and The War of Art. I can’t wait to devour them.

I would like to share with you this message from Daniela, from her beautiful blog post, Travelling Generosities:

“Throughout the life I have learned that there are some ‘things’ that multiply by division; such as love, kindness, knowledge and generosity … more you divide amongst, more it become.” — by Daniela from Lantern Post: Travelling Generosities

Isn’t WordPress a truly supportive community? I’m touched by the kindness of Daniela. I’ll make sure I keep reading, keep writing.

Lantern Post

5 thoughts on “The Most Illuminating Lantern from New Zealand

  1. qiquan

    Some wish for a big gift, a new one, but even an old one, a small one, it does not matter, as long as it is about the love, and the friendship. Daniela has a beautiful heart =).

  2. Daniela

    Oh my dear … this is so touching and made me tear up a bit -:)! I am so glad books arrived and I am sure you will enjoy them!
    Much love
    From Daniela

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Dear Daniela, the Lantern Keeper,

      Thank you for your warmth and generosity. A lantern is always there to keep people safe. It is radiant. It’s constant. It warms one’s heart.

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