I’m not Freshly Pressed

I love Freshly Pressed on WordPress.

Some posts are hilarious, thought provoking, and simply brilliant. Travelling with Freshly Pressed bloggers resembles wandering down diverging paths in the woods. Some take you to a hidden path with a sudden turn. Some surprise you with glorious wild flowers along the muddy path. Some paths lead to wonders, such as a wild dear and a half-dead rabbit.

If you’re brave enough, you will venture into an uncharted territory. A new world appears before your eyes. You may also stumble on history, like discovering an unused railway line along a neglected stream.

I love Freshly Pressed. To honour my fondness, I’ve credited myself with these badges.

12 thoughts on “I’m not Freshly Pressed

  1. Janet Williams Post author

    I’m the kind of person who has never won in a lucky draw. As a non mathematician, I think the probability of being Freshly Pressed is low. Some bloggers got Freshly Pressed almost instantly when they first published a blog. Some people got Pressed more than once and they’re showing off their Freshly Pressed badges. Some people will never win in a lucky draw. I think I’ve worked it out. I love my new badges.

  2. Al Kline

    Freshly pressed is bazare. I just saw a freshly pressed blog after 2 posts? I think they are full of themselves. I’ve seen so many blogs that really deserve it , but never have been FP’d. I’m going to use this badge on my blog, is it ok?

  3. Suze

    haha! I was wondering how to get it as well. Guess I am not good enough yet. Your badge is awesome by the way! And I think it’s weird when people get the badge on their second post. I am still hoping to get rewarded with it one day though 😉

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Dear Suze,

      Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for stopping by this blog. I created this badge as a bit of fun. I see people waving their Freshly Pressed badge all the time.

      I haven’t been reading a lot of Freshly Pressed these days. Freshly Pressed has a very strange operation and some of the posts they’ve chosen do not suit my taste. I used to see people being Freshly Pressed with their first or second post. I don’t feel it’s the right way to promote a blogger before their writing is mature. I feel that a blogger needs time to grow, and getting Freshly Pressed too soon is definitely not a good idea. It may harm them actually. However, I do discover some interesting bloggers occasionally, and I’ve stayed with these bloggers since.

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