Congratulations to MO Yan (莫言)!

I wrote about MO Yan last night. I anticipated him to win the Nobel Prize in Literature today.

Weekly Writing Challenge: An ‘interview’ with MO Yan, potential Nobel Literature winner 2012

At lunch time at work today, I rushed to the computer to check the news. I was “chuffed to bits” when I heard that he’s won.

It’s great news for the Chinese speaking world. It’s great news for the world literature, as the prize has opened up a window, for the world to amaze at the wonder of modern Chinese literature.

It may be just a start. It’s a great step forward.

Congratulations to 莫言 MO Yan!

BBC: MO Yan for dummies

Mo Yan Wins the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature BY BIBLIOKLEPT

Time profile of the author

Easily Confused, # 10 by The Happy Hermit

11 thoughts on “Congratulations to MO Yan (莫言)!

  1. Red Slider

    …or perhaps as a magical character in on of MO Yan’s novels? Did do me any favors though. My ‘must read’ stack is already way over the save legal limit. Oh well, I suppose another one won’t…. And which of his works would you recommend?

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I know that feeling exactly: the never ending wish list.

      MO Yan now said you could start with this book, 生死疲劳 (Life and Death are wearing me out!)

      This involves reincarnation and animals are jumping about. Could be fun.

      Good luck!

  2. sharechair

    I was so delighted when I heard the announcement….. and I felt so SMART because I had read your “interview” and I felt I was “in the know”. 🙂 My to-read list is awfully long, but I must add something from this author. Any recommendations?

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      “In the know”! Such a lovely feeling! WordPress does make one cleverer!

      I haven’t read 生死疲劳 (Life and Death are wearing me out) yet. I must get one copy before it is sold out.

      Thank you for your positive comment.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I totally agree, Colline. MO Yan’s work can be challenging, but it will stretch readers’ imaginations and take you to a completely different realm.

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