Some trivial facts in Winchester

Last week, Jane Austen fans celebrated 200 years of Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen was buried in Winchester Cathedral. I visited Winchester regularly. When I visited Winchester again with my son yesterday, I made a point to find a trivial fact about Mr Darcy.

Come dine with Mr Darcy

Come dine with Mr Darcy

Opposite to the library in Jewry Street is a Thai restaurant named Bangkok Brasserie. This restaurant serves a unique dish called Colin Firth’s Thai Mango Chicken for £7.95.

“Yellow curry with added mango; created for actor Colin Firth. 75p to Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group, a charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers.”

On this occasion, we didn’t eat in this restaurant and I only entered the restaurant to pick up the menu, as my 12-year-old-boy found KFC a more superior alternative, and he couldn’t possibly appreciate Colin Firth as passionately as his mother does. However, when I last tried Colin Firth on my birthday — I mean Colin Firth’s Thai Mango Chicken — it was absolutely delicious.

I remembered a waiter in the restaurant told me that Colin Firth’s parents dined there frequently, and Thai Mango Chicken was their favourite. They asked for the permission from the parents to name the dish to honour Colin Firth. Daily Echo has more details.

We headed down the high street, and I saw a remembrance flower bed for horses.

I stopped to take some pictures, to my son’s annoyance. I explained that as there’s been news about horse meat in burger recently in the UK, this picture about horses could be interesting to my readers.

These were not ordinary horses.

These were the horses (hundreds of thousands of them) killed in the South African War from 1899 to 1902.



15 thoughts on “Some trivial facts in Winchester

  1. sharechair

    I would LOVE to see this cathedral. I will be in Southampton for a day in June …. I’ll have to investigate transportation to there from Southampton. I love the architecture of these old cathedrals. Nothing like that, here.

      1. sharechair

        Thank you for that link. I’m just getting started working on all my transportation from here to there and everywhere. I’ll put that link among the others!!

  2. Hazel Bateman

    Another trivial fact about Colin Firth…. our Reader Emeritus, Brian Green, taught him English and Drama back in the 60’s. If you haven’t met Brian, I will introduce you if he is around next Sunday.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Oh my word!!! Hazel, this is such happy news to me. I’ll definitely be in the church next week.

      I’ve never realised this little parish church has kept such a secret.

      Now we may be ‘linked’ to Colin Firth in such a silly connection.

      Thanks again for this interesting information.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      If you’re such a huge fan of Jane Austen, you’ll find Winchester a fascinating place to be.

      I also walked past the house in College Street that Jane Austen used to live before she died in Winchester. Here is the photo. (Click on the image to find out more.)

  3. Colline

    Ah, Pride & Prejudice – my all time favourite novel by one of my favourite authors. What a feeling to have visited where she lived. Thanks for sharing with us Janet.

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  5. Pingback: My Site Table of Contents – I did it! | Janet's Notebook

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