Sunday morning laughter

I made an effort to go to the church this morning when the famous line by Shelley sprang to mind, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” It isn’t the most spring-like February. A sudden burst of hails last night echoed the rock music and I enjoyed a bit of drama in the weather. Rain and snow are just a bit too boring for me.

If you think that church is boring, you might be wrong. This morning, the priest in our local Church of England church dressed like he had got a job to do, unlike last weekend. He donned a striking purple robe (or do you call it a dress?) today for a change.

You can see the shade of purple in this picture:

Rowan Atkinson - wearing a big purple dress every day! (Radio Times image)

Rowan Atkinson – wearing a big purple dress every day! (Radio Times image)

The priest started the service by saying, “Welcome everyone. Any mention of rugby is banned, including gloating.” It sounded like he hasn’t quite recovered from the rugby match yesterday.

The Six Nations: Wales thrashed England: 30: 3 (BBC picture)

The Six Nations: Wales thrashed England: 30: 3 (BBC picture)

He also reminded the small congregation of sending out the Easter Worship leaflets in the community, “If you would like to make a nuisance for yourself in the name of Christ, here are some Easter leaflets.”

The priest also announced that there would be a film night next Tuesday, ‘The Passion of the Christ’ by Mel Gibson. “The film also comes with a bit of health warning.”

12 thoughts on “Sunday morning laughter

  1. Ruby

    It’s not February, it’s March!!

    I think the change in colour of the priest’s “dress” was something to do with the church calendar. There are different colours for different seasons, but I’m a bit hazy as to what and when – and why (church seasons, not spring/summer/autumn/winter seasons).

    One of the jokes from my church a few months ago: Going into the church is a bit like stepping out of a helicopter – you have to watch out for the rotas/rotors

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I did ask the priest very briefly why he was in purple. He answered ‘because it’s lent’.

      I’m very interested in little details in the church life. My other friend may have something more to share with us in her CoE for dummies series soon.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      This priest is rather different and very much loved by the community. His sermons are in his iPad, so he amazes quite many people who haven’t got a clue what the little gadget is.

      1. Janet Williams Post author

        This priest also likes to startle the crowd by saying, “If the technology works today……”

        I’ve noticed this new priest is ‘paperless’.

        Last weekend, when he couldn’t have possibly held a tiny baby to be baptised in his arms and played with his iPad at the same time, he looked at a computer monitor that he had set up earlier, on the first pew. Throughout the baptism, he relied on this computer for all his speeches.

        I feel that he has brought in energy and has used technology perfectly to aid the church services.

  2. friendlytm

    I lost my message because my iPad is too sensitive. I wrote a long message. Briefly I think this is too much. I would not entrust the priest to hold a baby when his attention is not on the baby. He should have known what to say. Paperless is a good thing. Technology is good if it enhances efficiency, but it cannot and should not replace human interaction and responsibilities.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your many messages. In this church, we use a little booklet, which contains all the words for every single event. Most people must have memorised the words, but people still rely on the booklet a lot. Perhaps the priest knows all his words, but it’s perhaps a habit that people like to rely on something — paper or screen. (As long as the priest doesn’t drop the baby, it’s ok.)

  3. Opalla

    I can imagine the congregation having some fun in your church. Mine is getting more relaxed (not during worship) in our activities because our minister is a younger guy, mid-forties perhaps. We even had a St. Patrick’s Day party with alcohol and Irish dancing last Saturday, and it was during Lent.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Our ministers are also young — around 40-50. There is a strong bond in the congregation. Some people think that church is dead, but they’d be surprised to see that the church is quite full and there are a few services on a Sunday in 2 churches in the same parish.

      I like the idea of alcohol and Irish dancing!

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