Easter with family

We visited my parents-in-law last weekend. On entering Pirbright, we had to slow down as there were horses in our way (or perhaps we were in the horses’ way.) I took a picture of the horses and the nice-looking ladies.

horses -- give way

horses — give way

We all exchanged chocolates. My husband melted some Fairtrade chocolates and mixed the melted chocolate with something else and then poured it into lovely moulds. This’s what we called ‘home-made’ chocolates. My husband collects wines, monster figures, Doctor Who DVDs and chocolate moulds. I sometimes complained he bought far too many chocolate moulds such as rose, pigs, rabbits, hearts, pyramids, bars, mini eggs. “What’s the point? Why don’t you just buy chocolates from shop? Why must chocolates look cute?” But, once in a while, he created some chocolates in funny shapes and people love them, then his confidence would grow, and his popularity is enhanced by having cute chocolate moulds in the first place.

My parents-in-law bought Ben The Real Easter Egg. It’s interesting to know that

“Out of the whopping 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs sold each year, not one of them mentions Jesus on the box.”

The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity and development projects.”

My sister-in-law bought all of us special chocolates — with our names on. On my chocolate, it has signs with ‘X’ — in this country, ‘X’ means love. I only knew ‘X’ means love (and ‘O’ means hug) after many years living in this country.

I’m not a great chocolate eater, so my mother-in-law bought me some strawberries instead.

Our Easter was peaceful, with family, with good food, chocolates and good company.

5 thoughts on “Easter with family

  1. ShimonZ

    Thank you for the education, Janet. I didn’t know what the Xs were till right now when I read this. And I have gotten some Xs in the past, and had no idea what they were all about… I like the idea of your husband putting the chocolate in molds. Everyone like something ‘special’, even chocolate.

  2. Ruby

    useless trivia coming up: x is also the sign for a kiss. This comes from olden days when people who couldn’t write would sign a document with a x and kiss the spot. That also explains why documents are still sometimes marked with a x where they have to be signed.

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