Trivia news and perspectives

I read my emails after work yesterday. The Times had sent me a news update at lunch time. This was the message:

“Good afternoon,

Here are the top stories on this lunchtime:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old student suspected of planting a bomb at the Boston Marathon, is said to have begun responding to investigators via handwritten notes despite remaining in a “serious condition” having survived a suicide attempt

Jeremy Hunt has defended his plan to make aspiring nurses spend up to a year working as hands-on carers after it was criticised as “stupid” and unworkable by nursing chiefs

Liverpool have said that they will not sell Luis Suárez despite confirming they have fined the controversial footballer and put him on a behavioural programme after he bit a Chelsea defender during their game yesterday

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, has admitted privacy concerns over the search giant’s Google Glasses and called for a “new social etiquette” to govern their use

The prospect of Formula One cutting its ties with Bahrain appears increasingly unlikely after Bernie Ecclestone indicated that a new five-year contract could be awarded to organisers of the country’s controversial grand prix

And finally, a French sailor had a lucky escape after he was attacked by a crocodile while swimming off the north coast of Australia, leaving him with a “few holes on the head” and a remarkable tale of survival

Thanks for reading,…”

After skimming the text, I asked myself, has it improved my understanding of the world, or my empathy, at all? Do I, does everyone, still need to be fed current trivia of the 19 year-old loser?

When I wrote my last post, I was initially tempted to use a term, island mentality. However, I felt that it was unwise to generalise the majority of the people with this judgmental term. I’ve met many wonderful, open-minded people. They’re are not insular.

Talking about trivial matters, last weekend I was pleasantly surprised on my train journey back from Reading after a morning’s teaching. On the Great Western train, the conductor kindly handed out bottles of mineral water to the passengers. I asked him why we all had free drinks. He answered that it was because the particular carriage was too hot. In about 20 minutes, he gave out free water twice for everyone in the carriage.

A little bottle of mineral water was trivial, but this little gesture made me happy.

7 thoughts on “Trivia news and perspectives

  1. kasturika

    Little gestures are really under-rated 🙂 I often feel that its the so-called small things that really matter the most… And since it always leaves me depressed, I stopped reading ‘news’ a long time back!

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I was surprised — first, the conductor said because it was ‘too hot’ — TOO HOT! IN ENALGND! — It was spring and we only just had some snow a few weeks ago. Second, I come from a hot and humid country and my understanding of being ‘hot’ is very different. I didn’t feel the need to remove my jacket on the train, but the conductor thought it was ‘too hot’ in the carriage. Third, I was curious to know if it is a general practice by train companies. If so, it’s very nice indeed.

  2. gigiwellness28

    Sometimes I doubt about the trust worthy level of the news we read and watch through media, just like that French man was attacked by a crocodile, it was not his head that got injured but the back of his neck. We saw the interview on TV and he showed the wound(s) at the back of his neck. But we won’t know if they had cut off any other information from the interview…

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  4. Pingback: My Site Table of Contents – I did it! | Janet's Notebook

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