Those were the days…speaking on the phone

My friend recently sent me a long email about how to contact her in the future.

I may need some help.


We’ve decided to change ISP, and therefore also need to change our main email address. We’ve also taken the plunge to use Office 365 online (and therefore Outlook as well) on the subscription basis in the UK.

So, please update your address books on PC, and online…

Please note, you may delete any others you have for me (backspace, easynet, orange, ntlworld, etc), although some may work for a little while yet, we just don’t know how long for.

Please also note, I do not use the same addresses for any social networks, so although you will find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr, don’t try to use this email address for them!!

Image by Matt.Clegg via Flickr

Image by Matt.Clegg via Flickr

Oh, and also, this week I finally activated a Facebook account created for me in …. Don’t expect me to use the account though, that’s what Twitter & Flickr are for…. But I will try and look there if you tell me there’s something to view. Again, it’s not connected to this email address.

I’m on SKYPE and Facetime (for Mac) also, from time to time.

P.S.  We also changed our home phone number – we’re now on a ‘0161’ SKYPE number in the UK, not a ‘XXXXX’ number. Mobile numbers remain the same.”

6 thoughts on “Those were the days…speaking on the phone

  1. Ruby

    Remember those olden days when there was just one phone per household, and if they weren’t in you had to try again later? How did we cope?

  2. Ruby

    My mum had a cousin who was a farmer in Wales. The village phone box was outside their house so they never had a phone – if you wanted them, you just phoned the phone box! I also had an aunt who didn’t have a phone for years and years, and an uncle you couldn’t dial direct – you had to go through the operator..

  3. ShimonZ

    Usually, the aim is to make communication simpler all the time… but sometimes, it gets complicated. Hope that your friend and you will keep in touch.

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