English in the north: dropping consonants

Today I had a new discovery: my newly met friends not only dropped the ‘t’ sound for the word ‘but’, but also the ‘h’ sound at the beginning of a word. For example, they say, “do you ‘ave” when they mean “do you have”. Their sloppy English is getting me worried about the future of the Queen’s English.

At this rate of their missing consonants, by the end of the week, I gather this family will only have 20 alphabets left in their English, while poor English learners around the world are coping with 26 alphabets just fine.

The fun of living in the house of a blogger-turn-friend is the surreality: you think you’ve known the person quite well through her writing – witty, amusing, intelligent, grumpy, snoring and self-deprecating, but in reality, she’s merely a  frumpy dog walker who is battling daily northern rain to walk her two cute dogs. Judging by the amount of dog poo littered on the pavements, Tilly Bud possibly is the only conscientious dog walker in Stockport with dog bags in all her pockets.

Have I just said their dogs are cute? Indeed. They are tiny and adorable. They are so well behaved and talented that they can do Gangnam Style. These cute, well trained dogs have transformed my mind. I’m now convinced that dogs are the best friends of human being. I now also think that eating dog meat is such a bad idea after all. By the way, Chinese people describe dog meat as fragrance meat 香肉, as dog meat is known for its fragrance.

(Note: I had a problem with my previous post sending from Stockport. The format was distorted. I’ve deleted that post and updated it here. )

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16 thoughts on “English in the north: dropping consonants

  1. misswhiplash

    It must be something to do with Stockport as I always have trouble opening TillyB’s comment box and just now I had the same problem opening yours…. Its the Northern air! Do you think that you will return home with an accent..will make a funny mix with Devon/Dorset.
    would not fancy eating any o my dogs meat..they are all scraggy and not plump enough! I shall stick to buying my chicken and pork from the supermarket..no lamb or beef readily available here

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