The north south divide

I’m sending this short post by email. I hope it works and you manage to read it.

I’m staying with Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) for a few days. We met through WordPress blogging. We speak different English. She seems to like me a bit.


People in the UK are aware of the north-south divide in this country. I certainly believe so.

Normally, in a standard house for a small family, you’ll have one landline and one phone. This family has 3 phones, one in each room. “Son, your cup of tea is ready!” They speak on the phone. Sometimes they even managed to dial the wrong numbers and speak to the wrong person.

Welcome to Upstairs, Downstairs.

The house is rather quiet, almost Zen-like. Why do I say that? There are 2 fish tanks in the lounge, and more fish tanks in the kitchen. The sound effect is constant from the fish tanks, and I’m not sure if the background sound would turn them all into Zen or slowly turn them mad.

Now I understand how Tilly Bud can be both silly and enlightening, and so moody and unpredictable in her blog. The secret must be with the fish tanks. That’s why she has more than 1000 followers.

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25 thoughts on “The north south divide

  1. misswhiplash

    something to do with The Watford Gap so I’ve heard…but them that people up North are very strange…lovely but strange..not only do they talk funny but they eat funny food.
    1000 followers! wow TillyB must be doing something right, even if she is a bit dotty

    love to you all up in the Northern Lands

    1. Janet Williams Post author


      Lovely, strange and dotty! What an excellent summary about our friend! Yummy cake, biscuits, buns……and to my shock and horror, what a lot of salt in every single meal in this household! I’m about to detox a bit now I’m back in the south.

  2. Ruby

    Many years ago my father spent a while working in various towns in the north. He would often ask the locals where they thought the south started – the answer was generally around 50 miles south of where they were

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