Perfect tea

My last innocent post has somehow turned into a post debating about how to make the perfect tea.

Here is a video clip that Ahmad Tea’s tea taster, Dominic Marriott, shows you how to make the perfect tea.

By the way, the photo used as the header of this blog was taken when I last visited Ahmad Tea for my tea tasting.


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19 thoughts on “Perfect tea

  1. friendlytm

    This is indeed my cup of tea. I am inspired to post something on “how to make and drink Chinese tea, different types of tea”, although my favorite tea is English Breakfast (shu! don’t tell others!)!

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Chinese tea — again, there’re many ways of making Chinese tea. I used to like an elaborate way of making Chinese tea in Taiwan, bamboo tea table with a draining system, cups of various sizes, down to a pair of little clippers to grasp the tea leaves with.

      I would love to read your Chinese tea post — perhaps you know more than me.

      1. friendlytm

        Actually you know more than I do. I only know a little from the tea factories when I traveled to China. I personally drink English Breakfadt!

  2. todadwithlove

    I have only just realised I have not been brewing tea correctly all this time despite drinking it everyday. Thank you. This is really helpful.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      I haven’t done the right thing either!

      Tea is such a cultural thing — try our typical 3-in-1 tea or Lipton tea or Pull tea (Teh Tarik) or tea with condensed milk in Malaysia and Singapore, and we may not need to apply any of these rules.

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