Where’re you really from?

WordPress Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

Teenagers often ask me, “Miss, where’re you from?”

One day, some kids asked me the same question. I replied, “You guess.”

They examined my black hair, yellow face.

“Miss, You’re Korean. Gangnam Style! I’ll show you the Gangnam Style, Miss!”

“Japan! Konichiwa, Miss!”

I tried to help: “Look, children, look at my face. I’m Chinese.”

“Hong Kong! China!”

I tried to help more: “Put it this way, children. I’m from Southeast Asia – have you heard of it, Southeast Asia? And, my country begins with the letter M.”


p/s: Like the delightful, inquisitive children, if you don’t know the answer either, check out my most popular post to date: Am I British enough?

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15 thoughts on “Where’re you really from?

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  10. Hari Qhuang

    I can imagine how you felt.
    I have been mistaken for a Korean, a Japanese, a Thai, a Vietnamese, a Javanese and a Balinese.
    The most interesting one is the first one. It happened in Bali. A Korean tour guide actually tried to pull me into her bus (she seemed to be in a rush), until her partner told her that I was not a member of the tour. She bowed a lot (apologizing, I am sure) and I told her “it’s okay” in English. LOL! What an evening!


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