How many ways can you view Tilly?

Speaker Deck slideshow

A few days ago, I published an ‘ebook’: When Janet met Tilly: an ebook

Today, I’m surprised to find out that I could convert this ebook into a slideshow, via Speaker Deck slideshow from WordPress.

If you have already had enough of Tilly (The Laughing Housewife) and Janet, please look away now.

If you had problems before downloading the ebook, or you didn’t get round to read it (shame on you), here is your last chance to appreciate Tilly’s wholesomeness.

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23 thoughts on “How many ways can you view Tilly?

      1. friendlytm

        Thanks, Janet. It seems a very easy process. I just bought ( free) a kindle book…actually quite a few, to learn and understand how is the process. I am only curious. I think the process is not hard. It is the legal part that makes it complicated. By the way, I am not publishing anything except the posts on my blogs!

      2. friendlytm

        Hi Janet: one question – I didn’t see your ebook as a slideshow. i saw it like a scrolling page and not a slideshow. I am trying to work on my own. It is also not posted in the right way in wordpress. If you can share your experience, that will be great. Thank you in advance.

      3. Janet Williams Post author

        Hi friendlytm,

        Good question.

        Now I think the ‘slide’ show means that pages appear like slides, but I still have to manually run the slide show. This means that I need to click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to flip the slide. These slides don’t run automatically like when you show image gallery on WordPress. You have the total control.

        When I tried reading this on iPad, it’s cleverer. I just tap on the page and the slide will move to the next slide.

        I’ve found another support material: SlideShare slideshows and it looks similar. It allows you to change the screen size.

        Good luck with your experiment and I look forward to your ebook!

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