Does your post office open everyday?

I saw this advert last weekend and somehow it attracted my attention.

Hursley Village is just a few minutes from where I live. I’ve been there a few times, but I’m still astonished by the range of services it offer.

Hursley post office, near Winchester

Hursley post office

1) This village post office opens 7 days a week.

2) It covers almost everything:

  • National lottery (i.e. buy lottery tickets and you could have a chance of becoming a multi-millionnaire overnight.)
  • Dry cleaning
  • Ice cream
  • Deliver newspapers & magazines
  • Locally produced eggs
  • Bread, milk & cakes
  • Pre-ordered foreign currency
  • Euros on demand
  • Greeting cards and stationery

I’m wondering what the post offices are like in your country, or in the place where you live.

Two post boxes in Chandler's Ford

Two post boxes in Chandler’s Ford

15 thoughts on “Does your post office open everyday?

  1. Ruby

    But is the “post office” part of the shop open all those times, or just the “shop” part? Could you send a parcel at 8.00 am on a Sunday morning? In my town the post office is inside a Tesco store; the store is open until 10.00 at night, but the post office closes at 5.30.

    I like to spot the cipher (that’s the royal crest,and might be spelt incorrectly) on post boxes. I know a street where there is a George VI at one end and a George V at the other. There is an Edward VIII in Winchester – they are rare, for obvious reasons. In Scotland they don’t have them at all.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      That’s sad. I always fall in love with post office, especially village post office. It’s sad as many of the village post offices couldn’t survive.

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