Morning scenes in my neighbourhood in Chandler’s Ford

Yesterday, I took you on a pleasant journey with me. Today, we’re continuing with this 30 minutes’ walk. On my way to work, I would first walk through the wood, cut through a tranquil residential area for the elderly, walk past the vicarage, parish church and a pub along the river.

After that, I’ll reach a busy roundabout, surrounded by local shops such as a butcher, convenience store, Chinese and Indian takeaway, Fish and Chips shop and a barber shop.

main road

Very busy roundabout

This roundabout is made famous for one particular crime in September 2007. The Metropolitan police shot dead two robbers just outside the Central Precinct, as they robbed the security van of the HSBC bank. According to the BBC reports later, the two men were lawfully killed.


Many interesting shops in Chandler’s Ford Central Precinct. I come across three types of rubbish bins along the way.

I heard that the police were hiding in the public toilet  (picture below, bottom left) before the raid. Every morning, I walk past this famous crime scene, enter another footpath along the river. I have to keep to the left, as many teenagers of different cycling abilities are cycling on this path to school. Sometimes these teenagers do startle me.

Chandler's Ford

Public toilets and footpath along the river

The footpath opens up to a bright open park in a residential area. In this open park, I would meet some friendly dogs, who are quite beautifully trimmed. Sometimes the dogs would play ball games in the park with their master. For example, the dog owner would throw a ball far away for his dog to catch. Once, I was nearly hit by the ball meant for the dog.

At the end of the park, I would cut through the backyard of some houses with their garages — these garages are not necessarily for cars, and many people use them for storage instead.

Open park and plain garage doors

Open park and plain garage doors

These garage doors are plain and they look a bit tired. Banksy should come along by stealth one night to add a touch of dark humour and subversion here.

Thank you for being with me along this journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed this convoluted journey.

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8 thoughts on “Morning scenes in my neighbourhood in Chandler’s Ford

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      Thank you Shimon. Thank you for your inspiration about the posts about my neighbourhood.

      Thank you for your correction — foot path! I was thinking about the food too much.

    1. Janet Williams Post author

      The first part of the journey was heavenly: birds, neat garden, vicarage and river.

      The second part of the journey involves a bit of blood.

      Perhaps my journey can be described as Heaven & Earth?

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