Visit England’s village post office in Hursley

I wrote about this village post office in Hursley, England, a few days ago.

This unique post office near Winchester opens 7 days a week. It sells stamps, lottery tickets and eggs. It takes care of the villagers’ dry cleaning too. Don’t you like a sweet little shop like this in your neighbourhood?

Hursley post office, near Winchester

Hursley post office

One reader, Ruby, asked me if the postal service is available on Sunday. He also asked if there is a Queen Victoria post box.

I therefore made a special trip to Hursley post office yesterday and spoke to its new owner, a young man called Bhagwant. Bhagwant told me that the shop opens daily, but the postal service doesn’t run on Sunday. Since he took over the post office 8 months ago, he included National Lottery as part of his services to the villagers.

This post office is small, but it sells almost everything you need to get by everyday. It reminds me of a well-known Chinese idiom, 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 (máquè suī xiǎo,wǔ zàng jù quán). It translates: even though a sparrow is small, it has got all the organs it needs. When you enters this post office, it will only take you 3 small steps from the door to the counter.

You can click the images below to view enlarged images.

Hursley Village is an alluring English village. Whenever I travel, I like visiting traditional little shops. A little shop like this post office possesses the charm that a megastore does not have. And I feel that a village that could support a local post office is definitely a pleasant one.

I’m very lucky that I only live next door to this enchanting village.


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9 thoughts on “Visit England’s village post office in Hursley

  1. Ruby

    ah, I see that it is a GR postbox – that’s George V. George VI postboxes have “VI” between the “G” and “R”. The letters (when cast into the metal) are italicized, whereas George V are straighter.

    I like to think that they didn’t bother putting a “V” on the George V boxes because they weren’t expecting there to be another King George, therefore the number was superfluous. As I say,. I like to think this, but have no evidence to back up my theory.

      1. Ruby

        I think there is a flaw in my theory for not putting the ‘V’ in ‘GR’. They put the ‘VII’ in “E VII R” though probably wouldn’t have known there would be a “E VIII R” – or, indeed, a “E II R”.

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    1. Janet Williams Post author

      HI Shimon,

      The shop is really endearing, from everyday item that you need, to useful services (dry cleaning and paper delivery). In England, the post office normally opens 5 and a half day. In this little shop, customers and owner know each other and people engage friendly chats. However, independent shops are losing to big shops. In where I live, a jewellery shop, independent bookshop and hair saloon have closed due to rent and competition.

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