My blog as a cafe with a like-minded audience

Ewe and I tearoom, Fairground, Andover, England

Ewe and I tearoom, Fairground, Andover, England

I wrote What I have learnt from your comments yesterday. I have been immersed in the thought of my blog as a warm, welcoming cafe, with fresh home-made food using fairly traded ingredients. It also boasts a relaxing ambience.

Indeed I’ve just found such a perfect cafe today. Ewe and I Tearoom is set in the Weyhill Fairground in Andover in Hampshire, England, amongst wonderful, specialised little crafts and fairtrade shops, from paper, wool, fabric, pottery to a unique penmaker, Ron Caddy. I had the most satisfying lunch there today and I expanded my thought on my blog as my world.

What are the attractions of the cafe?

I had sandwiches filled with chicken, bacon and avocado, garnished with fresh lettuce, beetroot, a small pot of cream cheese, and some crisps. My plate was colourful; the food was beautifully presented. Our tap water came in an elegant cursive glass bottle and the water was refreshingly cold on a humid day. The cafe owner’s attention to details impressed me.

More than just food: Ewe and I tearoom in Andover Fairground, England

More than just food in the Ewe and I tearoom

The ambience in the tearoom was friendly and cosy, not without a touch of surprise. Local crafts — beautiful buttons, notebooks, and pictures spread around the spacious tearoom. You can enjoy the food and also purchase the handmade crafts afterwards.

I enjoyed having pleasant conversations with my good friend over lunch. There was no intrusive music in the background to distract us. We enjoyed the heavenly food in such a cosy setting while relishing the open view outside.

How is my blog like the tearoom? How could I make my blog as pleasant as this tearoom?

Main purpose: 

Tearoom: Food and drinks: The tearoom is known for its cream tea and scones. Its cakes are mostly gluten free, suitable for people with a wheat allergy. Their lettuce is crisp and the meat juicy. Their food is freshly prepared using locally sourced ingredients. They also serve Fairtrade tea and coffee.

My Blog: Content: What is this blog’s specialty? Is my content appetising? How fresh is my content? Is my content healthy, engaging, and where do I source my inspirations? Do I use reliable resources?


The tearoom oozed a relaxing, pleasing atmosphere. There was space. You could chat freely.

Does my blog exude the same welcoming atmosphere that people would love to browse with interest? I hope there is sense of joy here to be shared, when stories are told, ideas are exchanged and challenged. Possibly you may find some surprises, or something has caught your attention that you are happy to stay, explore, and exchange ideas.

Crafters' paradise at Fairground, Andover

Crafters’ paradise at Fairground, Andover, south of England

Fairground of talents and joy

The tearoom is located in a beautiful craft and design centre. Every single shop is unique. Each shop owner has his and her unique skill and personality. They attract lovers of craft, and people who come to learn a skill in their workshop.

In each shop, you’ll find charming little gems that you will never find in a megastore, such as a Dorset Button, in the Beaker Button shop run by Jen Best. Learners of many types at different levels visit the village to be inspired. The crafters have created the atmosphere of joy and spirit of learning in this village.

These crafters have generated positive vibes in this village. I spent a morning exploring the shops and had the pleasure to be surrounded by like-minded people. I touched and smelt the fabric, paper, wool and wood.

This little beautiful Fairground resembles my blogging community. When skills and talents are shared, power is released. The sense of beauty is simply breathtaking.

When like-minded people get together, the flows of conversations will be naturally generated. The joy of sharing and communication will be immense.

“Write out a description of the ideal person you wish to talk to on your site.”
From Blog Exercises: I Don’t Have Any Comments on Lorelle on WordPress

My mentor Lorelle asked me to define my specific audience. From today’s visit to the Fairground, I feel that I know my audience. My readers are as curious as I am. Like me, they are equally excited about exploring the world around them, like I did as I marvelled at the Fairground, to feel and smell new fascinating things around them. My readers also enjoy good company, to share their stories, have a meaningful conversation and a good laugh in my open, warm and welcoming cafe, while sipping a fine cup of tea.

This post was inspired by Blog Exercises: I Don’t Have Any Comments by Lorelle VanFossen. You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is a year-long challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles.

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