Fulcrum story on Changi Cross

Article on St. George's Cross Changi (or Changi Cross) by POW Bil Holtham.

Article on St. George’s Cross Changi (or Changi Cross) by POW Bil Holtham.

Article on St. George’s Cross – Changi by POW Bil Holtham in 1997. This article helped Bernard Stogden discover the life of his father, Staff Sergeant Harry Stogden, who made the cross and later died in 1945 aged 38. Harry Stogden was buried at sea in full military honours.

2 thoughts on “Fulcrum story on Changi Cross

  1. Gillian Phillips

    My Father Bill Holtham was my hero. A man of honour and fought tirelessly for justice for those like him, who suffered at the hands of the Japs and more than any human should every have to bear. He was a wonderful Dad, kind and compassionate and even after all of the torture he was subjected to, never believed in capital punishment. He hated the Jap nation with a passion to his dying day. We must never let the younger generations forget what these men and women went through so that we may live free. God bless them all. May they rest in peace in the knowledge that their bravery and sacrifice kept us free.

  2. Janet Williams 張玉雲 Post author

    Many thanks Gillian for this thoughtful, beautiful reply. I’m so pleased to see this article has had such a lot of impact on many people. Your father and many men and women in their generation had sacrificed so much for the future generations. Your father’s article had also helped connect the Stogden’s family. I visited Changi 2 years ago to see the cross, the chapel, the beach, and the surrounding. It was a surreal feeling and I was so thankful and honoured to be there, though I felt immensely sad at the same time. God bless them all. God bless you and your family.


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