The fading Chinese New Year memories

Last Thursday (19th February 2015), Chinese people around the world celebrated The Year of the Sheep. Traditionally Chinese New Year is a period of 15 days, so it is still a time of celebration today. However I live in England, and Chinese New Year seems to have lost its charm on me. Many of my […]

At 30 – a milestone to set my site goals

This morning, I woke to find that my mother-in-law had just subscribed to my blog. My initial response was: “Oh no! Have I written something that my mother-in-law shouldn’t read? ” No, but a brief moment of panic was my natural reaction. Actually my very first post was inspired by my mother-in-law. I shouldn’t have panicked. […]

Hearing my voice from my quotes

When I was in Year 6 in the south of Malaysia aged 12, it was a tradition that school leavers would write their mottos to one another in a little notebook. Everyone would buy at least a notebook for the teachers and friends to write messages in. Shops were full of pretty leavers’ notebooks for […]

Table of Contents

This page is a complete index to all 180 posts published in since 5 April 2012, and the post are divided into 4 main categories: Who am I? Wife in the south of England and my community Education, history, language and culture My love affiairs with WordPress Who am I? Is there an easy […]

My Site Table of Contents – I did it!

This page is updated regularly. Old posts have been deleted. Posts are re-organised.  For the most up-to-date Table of Contents, visit this page. I’ve taken up Lorelle’s huge challenge, Blog Exercises: Organise Your Content, to organise all my posts on this blog. I’ll explain in my next post the sweat, tear, and joy of completing […]

Blogging in English: Who am I?

I started writing this English blog since April last year, and my embarrassing first post was about cardmaking: it all started with my mother in law. My even more embarrassing second post was one way to make your child more popular. 15 months later, my recent two posts were Pondering Freedom of Speech during Ramadan and Copyright violation: are you a victim? From […]

Sharing my favourite things

Today, Lorelle on WordPress encouraged us to share a few of our favourite things: “Tell us why these things are special to you. Did they influence or change your life? Do you have a story or experience with these favorite things? Share the story. By sharing your favorite things you reveal a little more about yourself […]