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The process of creating Site Table of Contents

Yesterday I achieved my massive Site Table of Contents in this post, My Site Table of Contents – I did it! Today, I’m going to share with you how I created it, and the benefits of spending a weekend organising my site.

The Working Process

Below is my process. Some steps may be slightly different from how Lorelle did it.

My URL links to my posts in a plain text

URL links to my posts are in a plain text

  • Step 5: Create a rough list of Categories. Move the above URL links under each category accordingly. Continue reading

My Site Table of Contents – I did it!

This page is updated regularly. Old posts have been deleted. Posts are re-organised. 

For the most up-to-date Table of Contents, visit this page.

I’ve taken up Lorelle’s huge challenge, Blog Exercises: Organise Your Content, to organise all my posts on this blog. I’ll explain in my next post the sweat, tear, and joy of completing this task. I’m keen to find out what you think of the outcome. Would you like to try organising your site too?

This task is never going to be perfect, but I’m willing to show you my attempts, my progress, or my failure.

Site Table of Contents

This Site Table of Contents is a microscopic view of my 195 blog posts published on Janet’s Notebook from 5 April 2012 till 27 July 2013.

It covers stories of my life before the UK and my life after living in the UK since 1996. It covers my hobbies, my identity, and my thoughts on history, language and cross cultures.

It depicts my life in the south of England, my family with a son with pets, my local community, and my moments of glory and sadness.

It also reflects my love affairs with WordPress, and how my life has been enriched and transformed with WordPress through this brilliantly supportive and engaging community. Continue reading

Blogging in English: Who am I?

I started writing this English blog since April last year, and my embarrassing first post was about cardmaking: it all started with my mother in law. My even more embarrassing second post was one way to make your child more popular.

15 months later, my recent two posts were Pondering Freedom of Speech during Ramadan and Copyright violation: are you a victim?

From cardmaking to Ramadan, have I not noticed the difference in my subject matter, style, and language?

Lorelle on WordPress logoRecently, I took up Blog Exercises set by Lorelle VanFossen, a veteran blogger, and a die-hard WordPress loyalist (Please make sure you spell the trademark WordPress properly with 2 capital letters, to avoid her wrath.)

Her exercises have become my blogging nutrients. I have a dedicated bog exercises series to record my journey, because deep down, I really have a desire to improve, not just in my English grammar, my writing skill, but also my thoughts.

Today, I would like to encourage you to view Lorelle’s comprehensive Giant Blog Exercise Check List Part 1. I think it’ll benefit you as a blogger, a writer, and a thinker, whatever your blogging topics are. This list will open your eyes. It may even change your life. If not, at least it is a place with wonderful resources for your reference. The topics cover: Continue reading

Copyright violation: are you a victim?

In January last year, two of my blog posts were used in a leading British Chinese newspaper without my consent. Luckily, this copyright violation issue had a swift solution and a happy ending.

Following the publicity of the Chinese Tiger Mum, Amy Chua, with her controversial book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, my friend Shi wrote a brilliant post – Tiger Mum, Chinese, and Sense of Security (虎妈,华人,安全感). I also wrote 2 posts – Chinese Tiger Mums in Britain — are we too anxious? (英国的中国虎妈 -- 我们是不是太焦虑了?), and What do the white British kids do during their spare time? (英国白人小孩休闲时做什么?)

A week later, my friend Shi discovered that the three posts above had been used in an editorial in a British Chinese newspaper, UK-Chinese Times. However, the editor of the newspaper had never contacted us for consent and they had never interviewed us. In the editorial, our blogs were never mentioned. In the original published editorial, we were referred to as a Madam Shi and a Madam Zhang. Continue reading

How many ways can you view Tilly?

Speaker Deck slideshow

A few days ago, I published an ‘ebook’: When Janet met Tilly: an ebook

Today, I’m surprised to find out that I could convert this ebook into a slideshow, via Speaker Deck slideshow from WordPress.

If you have already had enough of Tilly (The Laughing Housewife) and Janet, please look away now.

If you had problems before downloading the ebook, or you didn’t get round to read it (shame on you), here is your last chance to appreciate Tilly’s wholesomeness.

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When Janet met Tilly: an ebook

Recently, you’ve read a lot of my encounters with Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) in the north of England.

I’ve turned these blog posts into an ebook.

You may think, “I’ve read these posts before. I don’t need this rubbish ebook.”

But, if I tell you, this ebook contains some ‘previously unseen photographs of Tilly Bud’, would you be willing to click the download button?

Click the image below to download the ebook (in PDF format). It’s free.

When Janet met Tilly

When Janet met Tilly: Click this image to download ebook (PDF format)

Credit: I’m grateful for PDF Converter, which turned my Word document into a PDF ebook. It contains all my hyperlinks. This service is free of charge. I’m forever grateful.

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