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“Their name liveth for evermore” – Brookwood Military Cemetery

The day after Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris, a young man in England was ambushed in Brookwood Cemetery by confused journalists.

“The journalists were everywhere in the cemetery. They asked me where Dodi Al Fayed was buried. ”

My husband was a young man then. He was returning home to Brookwood from London that evening. As he was walking through Britain’s largest cemetery, he bumped into many frustrated journalists, who failed to locate Dodi Al Fayed’s grave in the Muslim section of the cemetery. Continue reading

Visiting Brookwood Military Cemetery

The first time before I met my future parents-in-law in a chilly evening about 15 years ago, I walked through a large cemetery with my then boyfriend. I was a bit scared. That was my first visit to ‘meet the parents’ and I was in the middle of a 500-acre cemetery. My boyfriend told me going through the cemetery was the only path to meet his parents in the village. Actually, it wasn’t an ordinary cemetery. It’s Britain’s largest cemetery and possibly the largest in western Europe. This cemetery is particularly known for its war graves.

It’s The Brookwood Cemetery, located in the south of England, about an hour’s train journey from central London. 

Last weekend, I spent an afternoon visiting Brookwood Military Cemetery. The military cemetery was added to Brookwood in 1917. Continue reading