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Morning scenes in my neighbourhood in Chandler’s Ford

Yesterday, I took you on a pleasant journey with me. Today, we’re continuing with this 30 minutes’ walk. On my way to work, I would first walk through the wood, cut through a tranquil residential area for the elderly, walk past the vicarage, parish church and a pub along the river.

After that, I’ll reach a busy roundabout, surrounded by local shops such as a butcher, convenience store, Chinese and Indian takeaway, Fish and Chips shop and a barber shop.

main road

Very busy roundabout

This roundabout is made famous for one particular crime in September 2007. The Metropolitan police shot dead two robbers just outside the Central Precinct, as they robbed the security van of the HSBC bank. According to the BBC reports later, the two men were lawfully killed.


Many interesting shops in Chandler’s Ford Central Precinct. I come across three types of rubbish bins along the way.

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My tranquil neighbourhood in Chandler’s Ford

A while ago, my friend Shimon from Jerusalem published a series of pictures about his neighbourhood in his blog, The Human Picture.

I’m totally enchanted by this series, which Shimon neatly named ‘Blood behind stones’.

“In our culture, it is believed that the soul of a living being is found in its blood. So the name of the series refers to the human beings that live and work behind the stone walls, and the stone buildings of our city.”

~ Quote from Shimon Z ~

This reflection has added value to the series, as his photos are not just for aesthetics pleasure, they form history.

Shimon’s series has triggered me to do something similar, on a much smaller scale.

I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for 13 years. We moved over here when I was heavily pregnant, and now my son is almost a teenager. “Why not capture my neighbourhood?” I thought.

I normally walk for half an hour to work everyday. Yesterday I took some pictures on my way to work and my journey home. I’m sharing some images here to take you on my journey.

1) First, I cut through this little wood, then walk through a very narrow path. There’s a large prominent ‘No Dumping’ sign in the wood — it implies that some people dump their rubbish in the wood and this ghastly sign unfortunately reflects negatively on the residents.

In the past, I saw broken chairs, sofa, duvets and bags of rubbish being dumped in the wood.

route through the wood

Cut through the wood, listing to birds chirping.

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