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The fading Chinese New Year memories

Last Thursday (19th February 2015), Chinese people around the world celebrated The Year of the Sheep. Traditionally Chinese New Year is a period of 15 days, so it is still a time of celebration today.

However I live in England, and Chinese New Year seems to have lost its charm on me. Many of my English calendars don’t even mark Chinese New Year as an event. I must admit in the past I sometimes forgot that new year had arrived until I was asked, “Er, is this the year of the…?” Continue reading

Quick summary of an ordinary life

I like to think I live a very ordinary life: husband, son, snake (escaped), cat (disappeared) and hens (killed).

I’m overwhelmed with work lately, so in this post, I just want to quickly share with you some brief moments in my life the week.

When a child grows up and flies away, you tidy up their bedroom and reminisce of the time lost. Since the fox killed our hens, we did the similar thing: cleaned up their house. Continue reading

Eerily quiet today

I’d never realised that my house could be that quiet. Eerily quiet.

This morning I’m officially a woman without her chickens. Two remaining chickens were killed, possibly last night.

I saw feathers scattering around in their chicken run this morning. One dead chicken was under a bush. One was gone. The fox must have taken her for her babies. The fox would come back again for this one, so we decided to leave the dead chicken in the garden for the fox’s collection.

Once I realised I’ve now lost all our chickens — 5 in total, since last summer, I felt a sense of loss. Suddenly the complete silence commanded the house. Continue reading

“Hens down! More hens down!”

My husband picked me up from the train station last night. The moment he saw me, he said, “I’ve got some more bad news.”

These days, whenever my reticent husband opens his mouth, it all starts with the same line, “I’ve got some more bad news.”

“Two hens of our neighbours’ were killed last night. Killed by a fox.” Continue reading

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I got home at 5pm this evening after watching the music drama film Les Misérables. While I was still traumatised by the singing of Russell Crowe, I saw this dramatic scene outside my house:


Our missing hens were back! One was still on top of the fence, but another was in front of the house. At least they’re now back. Now, we need strategies to coerce them into the garden. Continue reading

Neighbour from hell

Last week, the air in my neighbourhood was stirred. Leaders of three political parties all paid a whirlwind visit in Eastleigh, to fight for the February by-election. I’ve a theory that the arrival of these politicians (Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband, leader of the Labour party) have somehow disturbed the harmony in the region, which consequently provoked an imbalance of the yin and yang in the atmosphere.

That might explain why my house is not at peace. My chickens sensed an omen was upon us. Continue reading

Madness with pets

I live in a mad house. When I returned from work this afternoon, my husband opened the door and announced solemnly, “I’m sorry I’ve got some bad news. Another chicken had died.”

Ben went to the garden this morning and found one new hen had died. Her feathers were scattered around the garden, but there was no signs of injury. Could she have been attacked again?

We’ve lost 3 hens so far. One was possibly killed by our adopted cat; the second one was killed by my neighbour’s dog. Continue reading

Postcard from Singapore: one DEAD chicken

While in Singapore, I received an abrupt email from my husband. One of our chickens was DEAD.

“Got some bad news I’m afraid. A chicken has died. I’ll give more details if you want.”

HOW? Killed by a fox? Died of the heatwave? WHY? We only lost one chicken late last year. WHICH chicken — the black one called Fireball or the ginger one called Talon? Continue reading