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Copyright violation: are you a victim?

In January last year, two of my blog posts were used in a leading British Chinese newspaper without my consent. Luckily, this copyright violation issue had a swift solution and a happy ending.

Following the publicity of the Chinese Tiger Mum, Amy Chua, with her controversial book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, my friend Shi wrote a brilliant post – Tiger Mum, Chinese, and Sense of Security (虎妈,华人,安全感). I also wrote 2 posts – Chinese Tiger Mums in Britain — are we too anxious? (英国的中国虎妈 -- 我们是不是太焦虑了?), and What do the white British kids do during their spare time? (英国白人小孩休闲时做什么?)

A week later, my friend Shi discovered that the three posts above had been used in an editorial in a British Chinese newspaper, UK-Chinese Times. However, the editor of the newspaper had never contacted us for consent and they had never interviewed us. In the editorial, our blogs were never mentioned. In the original published editorial, we were referred to as a Madam Shi and a Madam Zhang. Continue reading