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Chickens, cat, and a blue-tongued skink. These are stories inspired by our pets: missing, revenge, and sweetness.

Do sex, age and race matter?

Do sex and age matter? Lorelle’s Blog Exercise: Sex Changes and Age Matters challenges our thought: does your perception change with someone’s age and sex? Do I write or think using sexist and ageist language?

First, let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I accidentally took a milk snake to work. Actually, my son’s new milk snake (30cm long) snuck in my bag and made herself feeling comfortable in one of the folders in my bag. When I took the folder out at lunch break, I saw a flash of black, red and white thing slipping through my hand, quickly slithering around the staff room. “Oh no! Snake! My Snake!” Continue reading

Unique British post boxes: share your hobby

When I showed an advert of my local Post Office in my post, Does your post office open everyday?, last week, I didn’t expect the post to be ‘a hit’.

Somehow, one reader — just one, Ruby, asked me some difficult questions, such as: “Is it a Queen Victoria post box?” Good grief! How would I have known?

I made a special trip to Hursley post office and wrote a new post, Visit England’s village post office in Hursley. Ruby (sex unknown, I’ll refer Ruby as a ‘she’) now confirmed that the Hursley post box is a GR post box. She wrote:

“Ah, I see that it is a GR post box – that’s George V. George VI postboxes have “VI” between the “G” and “R”. The letters (when cast into the metal) are italicised, whereas George V are straighter.”……

Continue reading

Quick summary of an ordinary life

I like to think I live a very ordinary life: husband, son, snake (escaped), cat (disappeared) and hens (killed).

I’m overwhelmed with work lately, so in this post, I just want to quickly share with you some brief moments in my life the week.

When a child grows up and flies away, you tidy up their bedroom and reminisce of the time lost. Since the fox killed our hens, we did the similar thing: cleaned up their house. Continue reading

Eerily quiet today

I’d never realised that my house could be that quiet. Eerily quiet.

This morning I’m officially a woman without her chickens. Two remaining chickens were killed, possibly last night.

I saw feathers scattering around in their chicken run this morning. One dead chicken was under a bush. One was gone. The fox must have taken her for her babies. The fox would come back again for this one, so we decided to leave the dead chicken in the garden for the fox’s collection.

Once I realised I’ve now lost all our chickens — 5 in total, since last summer, I felt a sense of loss. Suddenly the complete silence commanded the house. Continue reading

Love me love my dog ? Part 2

One day, coming back from swimming, I opened the door to be confronted by a distinct smell. I asked my husband a stern question, “Has CC (name of neighbours’ dog) been in the house?” “Yes! But how do you know that?” Husband apparently didn’t quite understand my question.

I told my husband that the smell of the dog’s presence was overpowering. If my husband had had a woman in the house, I would also have been able to detect the scent of a woman too. Scent is subtle. I can smell it. I don’t like bacon, for example, as its smell is too overpowering. A dog’s smell in a house is overwhelmingly strong if you’re not used to it.

Then we had a row. Continue reading

Love me love my dog?

Sorry I haven’t been writing for a while.

I visited my friends the other day. Their dog barked at me, non-stop. I was smiling, speaking to the dog softly, praising him. His master also asked him to be good. “Darling, it’s ok, good boy!” They tried to calm the dog down.

The dog jumped on me, barking even louder. My friend said, “Janet, CC (dog’s name) is actually waiting for you to give him a stroke. Give him a stroke and he’ll be fine.” Continue reading

Walking in the wood – Part 2

I went for a long walk in a country park with some friends yesterday. It was drizzling and we still covered ourselves with thick winter coats. After a refreshing walk, I told my friends how grateful I was to be with them, as it was the most comfortable walk I have had for a long time.

What do I mean by being ‘comfortable’? During our walk, we walked more or less at the same pace, but sometimes the group would split into two, and some walked ahead and we would catch up later, or the other way round. We would stop for a short break, having a chat. It was simply a leisurely walk, with good conversation. We didn’t set a goal as to how many miles we would have to cover in two hours. Later, we even stopped for a hot drink and comfort food and had another long break. Continue reading

Vermin in Eastleigh

My friend JD, the promiscuous linguist Language Omnivore from Tuttle Publishing, sent me a link to an interesting article about my neighbourhood, Eastleigh, as he knows I’m not the kind of person who would normally read The Economist.

From The Economist

From The Economist (click the image to read the full article)

Vermin, not politicians, was the subject of the first paragraph. A local resident asked the Tory campaigners to deal with his urgent need: “We need a bait-box.” Continue reading

“Hens down! More hens down!”

My husband picked me up from the train station last night. The moment he saw me, he said, “I’ve got some more bad news.”

These days, whenever my reticent husband opens his mouth, it all starts with the same line, “I’ve got some more bad news.”

“Two hens of our neighbours’ were killed last night. Killed by a fox.” Continue reading

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I got home at 5pm this evening after watching the music drama film Les Misérables. While I was still traumatised by the singing of Russell Crowe, I saw this dramatic scene outside my house:


Our missing hens were back! One was still on top of the fence, but another was in front of the house. At least they’re now back. Now, we need strategies to coerce them into the garden. Continue reading