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Stockport Air Raid Shelters

We only visited 4 museums during our 5 days in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

However, these visits had proved too much for our host, who was quickly turning into a jelly.

We visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters. Stepping back in time to 1940s wartime Britain was quite surreal. Inside the shelters, I was amazed at such an orderly community, and a world of volunteering. The instructions given, in modern terms, were equivalent to “every little helps” (food rationing; making tea), health and safety and team building.

Inside Air Raid Shelters with Tilly

Inside Air Raid Shelters with Tilly

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Perfect tea

My last innocent post has somehow turned into a post debating about how to make the perfect tea.

Here is a video clip that Ahmad Tea’s tea taster, Dominic Marriott, shows you how to make the perfect tea.

By the way, the photo used as the header of this blog was taken when I last visited Ahmad Tea for my tea tasting.


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Milk in first with Earl Grey?

How do you like your tea?

I’m now addicted to caffeine after drinking too much tea in Stockport last week.

It’s an universal truth that Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) drinks Earl Grey Tea. When she made me the Earl Grey tea, I noticed she would always pour milk in first.

If you have your tea with milk, do you add the hot water first, or do you add the milk first?

I’ve always been fascinated by how English people make their tea. Some people told me the Queen would add milk in her tea first, but some people told me she would add the hot water first.

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What is the secret of expert tea tasters? My tea-tasting at Ahmad Tea

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a tea taster? Tasting 600 cups of tea per day. How does it sound to you?

I had a wonderful tea-tasting session at Ahmad Tea London (not based in London, but in Chandler’s Ford in Hampshire.)

Strong fragrance of tea permeated this large, clinically clean tea-testing room. 100 cups of tea were ready to be tested (some by me! I’m not kidding.) I was quite excited.


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Blogger Power

Some have… Some have not.
Image via Flickr by PeterJBellis

Today I discovered the power of blogging on WordPress.

After reading my blog posts, one renowned tea maker made a donation to Piam Brown Ward, a charity close to my heart.

On Tuesday, Ahmad Tea of London invited me for a visit to its headquarters, and gave me a generous cheque for Piam Brown Ward. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside a gift

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Today we celebrated my mother in law‘s birthday in a serene English village called Pirbright. It was a glorious summer day.  Summer has finally arrived in England.

I made mum this gift. What’s inside of it?

What’s INSIDE this gift?

An attractive side view

2 hidden tea bags: high quality Ahmad Tea for a lovely English summer day

It’s a beautiful hand-made tea bag holder. It holds 2 tea bags. I added dazzling rhinestone jewels and striped grosgrain ribbon on the cover of the tea bag holder.

I also made mum a hand-stitched notebook. Hugh bought a handsome bay tree from Brambridge Park garden centre to adorn mum’s garden and for cooking. At our barbecue lunch, we discussed about pruning the bay tree into a lollipop shape. Continue reading

Tea for Teachers

I was given some exquisite Ahmad Tea last week, when I visited Ahmad Tea headquarters in Chandler’s Ford.

Tea makes excellent gifts.  It’s my son Ben’s final week at the primary school, and he will wave goodbye to his innocent years. He has many teachers and helpers to thank for.

I made these gorgeous teabag holders. In both pockets, Ben placed 2 packets of Ahmad Tea. He also wrote a simple Thank You note to each teacher and helper.

These gifts show Ben’s appreciation to many people who have helped him over the years, including his headteacher, many teachers, helpers, music teachers and a lollipop lady.

It’s important to teach children to show their appreciation. These beautiful hand-made gifts are unique and personal to reflect our gratitude.

Delicate tea; delicate gifts. I’m sure any recipient will cherish them.