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Now England has become my home

Today I changed the header of this blog. My new tagline is: Now England has become my home.

It is important that people who visit this site are clear about what they may find, therefore I tried to be descriptive.

The tagline I used before was “From the south of England”. This old tagline was a bit vague, as some people might be disappointed to find that I did not feature sun, sea, and beach huts from Plymouth or Brighton on this site.

Creating a relevant tagline

When I was considering a new tagline, I had an idea of “From a kampung to an England’s suburb”. However, most overseas readers may find it difficult to comprehend the concept of a kampung in Malaysia. A kampung is a typical Malaysian village or enclosure, characterised by lots of greenery, such as coconut trees, papaya trees, and sugar cane. Continue reading

Magnificent display at Buckingham Palace

If you were a five-year-old, what would your idea of a perfect gift be? China’s Last Emperor, Pu Yi, gave two huge vases to King George V (great great great grandfather of the new British royal baby George) in 1911. Soon afterwards, Pu Yi was deposed.

Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.

Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.

I learnt about this fascinating fact today in London, as I was a special guest at Buckingham Palace.

The pair of beautiful vases are huge, measuring 217.0 x 80.0 cm. “Pair of large, ovoid, cloisonné enamel vases, with bronze dragon handles, decorated with dragons on a green scale-pattern ground.”

The oriental dragons portrayed on the vases are playful, sweet and even smiling. They are serpent-like, in gold, benevolent, powerful, typical qualities of Chinese dragons. Continue reading

Wool, paper and nuclear

Helen: Wool against weapons, in Reading high street

Helen: Wool against weapons, in Reading high street

After finishing my teaching in Reading last weekend, I explored the Reading high street (i.e. shopping) and saw this scene:

This is a beautiful scene as the contrast is powerful: a beautiful young lady with flowers on her hair was quietly knitting, smiling.

Her friend Mike with an explosive hair was trying to fold an origami crane. I watched on silently, after a few minutes, I offered him my helping hand to get his crane completed. Continue reading

Visit England’s village post office in Hursley

I wrote about this village post office in Hursley, England, a few days ago.

This unique post office near Winchester opens 7 days a week. It sells stamps, lottery tickets and eggs. It takes care of the villagers’ dry cleaning too. Don’t you like a sweet little shop like this in your neighbourhood?

Hursley post office, near Winchester

Hursley post office

One reader, Ruby, asked me if the postal service is available on Sunday. He also asked if there is a Queen Victoria post box.

I therefore made a special trip to Hursley post office yesterday and spoke to its new owner, a young man called Bhagwant. Bhagwant told me that the shop opens daily, but the postal service doesn’t run on Sunday. Since he took over the post office 8 months ago, he included National Lottery as part of his services to the villagers.

This post office is small, but it sells almost everything you need to get by everyday. It reminds me of a well-known Chinese idiom, 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 (máquè suī xiǎo,wǔ zàng jù quán). It translates: even though a sparrow is small, it has got all the organs it needs. When you enters this post office, it will only take you 3 small steps from the door to the counter.

You can click the images below to view enlarged images.

Hursley Village is an alluring English village. Whenever I travel, I like visiting traditional little shops. A little shop like this post office possesses the charm that a megastore does not have. And I feel that a village that could support a local post office is definitely a pleasant one.

I’m very lucky that I only live next door to this enchanting village.


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How many ways can you view Tilly?

Speaker Deck slideshow

A few days ago, I published an ‘ebook’: When Janet met Tilly: an ebook

Today, I’m surprised to find out that I could convert this ebook into a slideshow, via Speaker Deck slideshow from WordPress.

If you have already had enough of Tilly (The Laughing Housewife) and Janet, please look away now.

If you had problems before downloading the ebook, or you didn’t get round to read it (shame on you), here is your last chance to appreciate Tilly’s wholesomeness.

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When Janet met Tilly: an ebook

Recently, you’ve read a lot of my encounters with Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) in the north of England.

I’ve turned these blog posts into an ebook.

You may think, “I’ve read these posts before. I don’t need this rubbish ebook.”

But, if I tell you, this ebook contains some ‘previously unseen photographs of Tilly Bud’, would you be willing to click the download button?

Click the image below to download the ebook (in PDF format). It’s free.

When Janet met Tilly

When Janet met Tilly: Click this image to download ebook (PDF format)

Credit: I’m grateful for PDF Converter, which turned my Word document into a PDF ebook. It contains all my hyperlinks. This service is free of charge. I’m forever grateful.

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Stockport Air Raid Shelters

We only visited 4 museums during our 5 days in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

However, these visits had proved too much for our host, who was quickly turning into a jelly.

We visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters. Stepping back in time to 1940s wartime Britain was quite surreal. Inside the shelters, I was amazed at such an orderly community, and a world of volunteering. The instructions given, in modern terms, were equivalent to “every little helps” (food rationing; making tea), health and safety and team building.

Inside Air Raid Shelters with Tilly

Inside Air Raid Shelters with Tilly

Continue reading

What would you do for a friend’s friend?

The first morning in Tilly’s house, she had some visitors.

Alison came to visit with a huge cheese cake. Tilly said, “Alison has just made this for you.”

Alison is Tilly’s friend. Because I’m Tilly’s friend, Alison made this cake for her friend’s friend.

How sweet was that? I instantly felt in love with the people from Stockport. Continue reading

Milk in first with Earl Grey?

How do you like your tea?

I’m now addicted to caffeine after drinking too much tea in Stockport last week.

It’s an universal truth that Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) drinks Earl Grey Tea. When she made me the Earl Grey tea, I noticed she would always pour milk in first.

If you have your tea with milk, do you add the hot water first, or do you add the milk first?

I’ve always been fascinated by how English people make their tea. Some people told me the Queen would add milk in her tea first, but some people told me she would add the hot water first.

I’m on my quest to find out the answer. Continue reading